Our Values

At Zephirus we are committed in six core values that provide the framework of how we operate; along with the behaviors that support and shape everything we do from day to day activities to key business decisions. It all starts with our values ​​which are essential to our future success.

Reliability – This is the basis for a business relationship with our partners and our clients. After all relationships based on reliability are stronger and long lasting. Therefore we want to provide our customers with the best services and solutions at a fair price. We do not think that credibility is for granted; therefore we strive to confirm its presence in daily basis with personal accountability.

Authenticity – We act with authenticity, striving to do the best for our ecosystem. We encourage the development of new ideas in an environment of trust. We maintain our freedom using our own judgment and common sense.

Integrity – We are committed to operate with the highest ethical standards. We fight for our beliefs and seek with passion to achieve our goals. Our main feature is our flexibility, as we dare to raise the standards in a full spectrum of operations.

Respect – We recognize the diversity and different needs of our clients and partners, ensuring a fruitful and constructive cooperation based on mutual trust and understanding. Being supportive and responsive, we treat people with kindness and respect.

Responsibility – Responsibility touches all levels of cooperation with our customers, our partners and especially with our work. We believe in the power of collaboration, contributing to each activity with passion, communicating openly, honestly and transparently.

Quality – The quality in everything we do is an important component of our corporate culture. We strive for continuous improvement of our work processes and we respond vigorously to change. Quality is the expression of our goal to provide reliable services.