Our History

Zephirus Business Consultants was established in 2013 by Constantine Kalentis, a reputable Information Technology executive with over 14 years of experience at that time. Its scope of business was both unique and innovative and focused providing unique privileges to its clients, through the advancements of technology and effective management practices.

At its early stage, Zephirus represented Accelops in the Greek Market since 2014 until 2016 that the company was merged with Fortinet and formed the well known FortiSIEM Event Management System. Zephirus was capable to provide high-quality information and Communication consultancy services and deliver more advanced ERP,  Internet Security & Enterprise Network solutions.

At the beginning of 2015 Zephirus has expanded its operations in Brussels, Belgium. Since then Zephirus pioneered in being a Management advisor in some of the most reputable companies in Greece and abroad, especially in the areas of compliance, implementation and Policy enforcement across the organisations, collaborating with advanced international teams of legal advisory and Information Technology executives.

At the beginning of 2016 Zephirus commenced its representation of SentinelOne which continues successfully until today. Since 2018 Zephirus collaborates closely with more than 12 globally recognized and reputable companies, promoting cutting edge technologies as being the project advisor.

Since then Zephirus is using its well-established network of Partners, Information Technology and Business alliances and the  accumulated consulting experience on national and international projects which are covering a wide spectrum of industries, such as the Banking Sector, Shipping Companies, Governmental agencies, ISP Providers, Hospitals, Equities and Heavy Industries.

Zephirus is offering the most advanced services in project design, supervision, implementation and management.