KeyboardDisaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Planning (BCP) are massive areas, which can mean a serious decision making process to many organisations. Organizations and businesses are vulnerable to an increasing number of threats that disrupt normal operations and services. Some risks could take your business offline for days, but in a competitive environment, even minutes of downtime could prove fatal.

When properly planned and implemented, a disaster recovery plan makes possible the retrieval of lost data and the resumption of system operations.

Such procedures are a critical part of computer operations at all levels, especially those involving the storage of long-term or permanent records. A solid disaster recovery plan may also be critical to the fulfillment of audit and compliance.

We take a holistic view of a business’ critical systems, what risks exist, the likelihood of those risks, and what impacts and recovery times are acceptable to the business.  We can offer multiple alternative solutions allowing the business to decide on possible trade-offs between the various factors such as cost and system downtime.  We have the experience in not only identifying risks that were previously unexpected, but also in providing innovative and cost effective recommendations.