Cost Analysis and Value Creation

business-tabletProving the economic relevance of and justifying investments is a common practice in all business divisions. In view of very intense cost discussions and general budget cuts, justifying IT investments for the price paid, usage and ownership or maintenance costs has become a top priority.

Whilst it is self-evident that no business grew by cutting costs only, it is also true that no business reached its peak performance by not getting the best value for money. There is a growing need to recognize the types of perceived benefits for products, services and the brand.

We have ready access to our own and partner expertise to analyse ICT costs and take a totally independent view of IT services and systems provided in-house or by third parties, with a view to enhancing or creating value within your business. We recognise the value drivers and we deliver that value through many ways, including:

  • Productivity analysis and improvement
  • Supplier negotiation and identification
  • Transaction cost and value creation
  • Cost control for ICT managers
  • Service and performance enhancement without cost
  • Use of Marketing performance tools

We work for your benefit as part of your team to create value from your permanent suppliers and already used ICT systems. We don’t foster permanent relationships with vendors that might be viewed as clouding our judgement and thus strongly represent your solid corporate interests alone.