Interim Management

office_imageInterim Management Services is the temporary provision of management or technical resources and skills. The proposed services provide you with an individual or a team with precisely the right set of skills and experience you require on-demand. This may be on a one-off basis, full-time for a set duration, or perhaps part-time on a monthly retainer.

Companies are facing a constantly a changing business environment, maybe a crisis or a period of transition and frequently require an unexpected set of skills, from a CIO working for a global giant to assist on strategic development through to a highly technical IT manager to fill a hands-on role, our consulting teams will deliver the results your requires on time.

Utilizing our consulting team you can achieve valid return on investment, speed, expertise, objectivity and accountability. While we tailor our services to individual challenges, all clients benefit from our ability to attract talented interims, who are excited by the opportunity to use their experience to help you.

An organization chooses the Interim Management route also because the role in question may not be a permanent position, a permanent executive not been found fast enough or existing managers may not have the time or the experience to undertake this role.

Some of the scenarios where our consulting teams can be utilised include:

  • Lack of internal skill or experience
  • Specific one-off project scoping and management
  • Assistance with strategic alignment of IT within the business
  • Team-building and continous development