tunelICT is no longer just a supporting part to a business – it is now generally the core to a business. The CIO or the IT manager is today a critical business entity; a person who can deliver the competitive edge. It’s imperative that an ICT leader with a blend of business skills and technical understanding is on hand to deliver what a modern business requires to succeed.

As an independent ICT consultant, our depth of experience – which we have gained through working with IT professionals and leaders over the years, within organisations of all shapes and sizes – is vast. This experience, coupled with our close working relationships with CEOs, CFOs, Managing Directors and end-users,  ensures that we can deliver successful mentoring and coaching services that benefit both the individual and the organisation as a whole.

Leading an ICT department within an organization of any size is challenging. The landscape changes continually and it can be difficult to spin the plates of development, budgets, vision, growth, security and business alignment. To stay at the top within business and IT, everyone could benefit from coaching and mentoring in some form.

We can tailor our mentoring services to fit any general requirement, but here are a few example areas with which we can assist you:

  • Structured Coaching – setting out a vision and helping you get there
  • Quarterly Reviews – an informed opinion on plans, budgets and technology.
  • IT Management Support – being there to offer guidance on-demand